Sproutsocial.com Website Review & Ratings + Sprout Social Coupons
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Sproutsocial.com Website Review & Ratings + Sprout Social Coupons

If you run a small business, with for example two or three team members, you probably want to be active on social networks. The more you’re active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, the more customers you’ll get. But it can be really hard to get on these sites enough times a day, let’s say you want to check them all five times a day, which can be a must, relative to the type of business you run, then you have to go on Facebook five times a day, Twitter five times a day, etc. And, next to that, whenever you have a news update, you have to post that update to all those networks separately! With Sprout Social, this is no longer the case. Sprout Social combines all your social media in one place, so you can check and update them all at once.

Sprout Social: What makes it different?

This all sounds very nice, but what exactly does Sprout Social do? Let me show you some of the best features that make Sprout Social a unique product.

  • Social Media Inbox: This makes the all-in-one experience even better, it is sort of a custom mailbox, but instead of normal e-mails, it shows you all notifications of all social networks, for example, it will show a “mail” when you are mentioned on twitter, when you have a new follower, etc. Of course, you can customize what exactly comes into your Social Media Inbox.
  • Sprout Social supports Foursquare and Gowalla checkins, unfortunately this is only available in the Business version.
  • Bit.ly support: You can use Bit.ly to shorten links and track their activity.
  • Mobile apps: Sprout Social provides you with very easy-to-use apps for your iPhone or Android device, that way you can check your social networks wherever you are.
Sprout Social vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Sprout Social)

Of course, Sprout Social is not the only Social Media Management service available. Let’s take a look at some of Sprout Social’s leading rivals. First, you have Hootsuite. Hootsuite is cheaper than Sprout Social (only $6 per month), but it’s a lot less user friendly. The column layout often confuses people. It also provides Automated Reports, which automatically sends you an analytics report once a week, but it doesn’t support Bit.ly nor does it provide the very easy-to-use Social Media Inbox. Consider Hootsuite the cheaper, but less easy equivalent of Sprout Social. Next to Hootsuite, you have TweetDeck. The nice thing about TweetDeck is that it’s free, it provides a stand-alone desktop app (instead of running in the browser), and it gives you instant notifications in the top-right corner of the screen, so communication can go very fast. But, TweetDeck does lack analytics and doesn’t really have a very easy-to-use interface. TweetDeck isn’t really recommended for small businesses, more for individuals who want to manage their Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts.

Sprout Social: Pricing & packages

Sprout Social has two plans: there is the Pro plan for only $9 per month, providing support for up to 10 social network profiles, this also provides you with all features mentioned in this article (except for Foursquare and Gowalla checkins). Next to the pro plan, there are three more sophisticated plans, this is the Small Biz plan, providing up to 20 social networking accounts, audience targeting tools, scheduled messages, and Contact Management. The Small Biz plan costs $39 per month, Sprout Social recommends this for online, small and local businesses. Then, there is the Deluxe plan, costing $59 per month. This provides everything the Small Biz plan provides, plus Google Analytics integration, Local search and targeting, Live Support, and up to 40 profiles. Sprout Social recommends this for growing companies, teams and agencies. The most expensive plan is the Premium plan, costing $899 per month, and is recommended for larger companies and agencies. This plan provides you with unlimited social networking accounts, dedicated support, 10 team members, and Agency Customer Segmentation.

Sprout Social: Product images & screenshots
Sprout Social Coupons
Sprout Social: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews for Sprout Social are very positive in general. The most popular plan seems to be the Pro plan, since this has the best price-quality value for most individuals, costing only $9 per month, while the other plans start at $39 per month. Customers are also very satisfied by the ease of use of Sprout Social:

“Easy and beautiful: I have been using SproutSocial for my business and it has boosted my customer relation a lot. Why I like it? - it creates easy and beautiful reports - it is affordable - You can compare yourself with your competitors - it is customizable.”

The main disadvantage of Sprout Social seems to be the speed of some features. Since Sprout Social runs in the web browser, it depends on your internet speed whether the application runs fast or not. The problem is, most people have to wait for some features to load.

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